Microsoft Xbox Series S

1440p at 60-120fps, 4K upscaling, 500GB custom SSD


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Under the hood


Custom RDNA 2, 20 CUs at 1.565 GHz 4 TFLOPS


275 mm × 151 mm × 63.5 mm


10 GB GDDR6, 8 GB at 224 GB / s, 2 GB at 56 GB / s


1x power connection port, 1x HDMI output, 2x USB ports, and 1x Ethernet port

Optical drive


Main Processor

Custom Zen 2 processor with 8 cores at 3.6 GHz (3.4 GHz with SMT)

External storage

Support for external USB 3.2 hard drives

Storage Capacity

512 GB PCIe Gen 4 custom NVME SSD, 2.4 GB / s raw, 4.8 GB / s compressed

Expandable Storage

1 TB expansion card

Target Performance

1440p at 60 FPS, up to 120 FPS

Inside the box

Good things come in small packages

You’d better put on your glasses and find your magnifying glass to see this super-compact console. Only joking—it’s not that tiny—but it’s certainly the smallest Xbox ever, and 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X. It’s perfect for casual gamers who want to play Xbox exclusives without their console taking up too much space.

The little machine with huge performance

Get all-digital next gen performance with Xbox Series S. You don’t need to know what “Xbox Velocity Architecture” means—just know that it gives you lightning-fast load times, the ability to switch seamlessly between games, and consistent speed and power while you play.

More ways to play

Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass to access 100+ games for your console and PC. And if you’re an Android user, cloud gaming is coming with Project xCloud.

Series X or Series S?

Xbox Series S has all the features and most players need. It delivers high-resolution gaming at a smooth 120fps, has 4k upscaling for games, and lets you stream 4K content to your TV through Netflix and Microsoft Movies. If you want true, crisp 4K gaming, or still want to play games from previous Xbox generations on disc, then the Series X is for you. Or rent both and see which fits your style.

So whether you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to Xbox Series X, or just think the white box will look better on your TV table next to the cactus collection, rent it now with Grover.

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4.13 / 5